Day 10

I am thankful for a fiancé who brings home Starbucks because he knows I have a long night ahead, and Christmas cereal because he knows I love Christmas and could use some early cheer!



Remember Why You Started

Jeff Moore over at the EveryDayPower blog posted this a few days ago. This quote is exactly what I need to do to get over this slump of “too much work”, “why am I doing all this”, and “this isn’t worth it”. Go check out his blog–I only just started exploring it but I can already tell that it’s full of motivation and inspiration like this.

Remember Why You Started.

Day 8

I am thankful for being able to read and write English fluently, and to live in an area where that is the main language spoken. Learning how to speak an entirely new language just to be able to do basic things, such as buy food or communicate with your child’s school teacher, would be such a challenge. Not to mention the biases people have against those who don’t speak English. But let me ask you, if you went to a foreign country, to try and better yourself, and hadn’t quite picked up the local language yet, would you want the locals to get angry at you for that, or call you names and treat you badly? I sure wouldn’t. So I am thankful that I don’t have to go through that struggle; thankful that I can speak the language I grew up with!

Day 5…a bit late

Ended up just crashing last night before I could post. Which leads me to my post: I am thankful to have a nice comfy bed, and warm cozy apartment, even though it doesn’t look like much. I could be in a smaller place, or a dirtier place, or not even have a place of my own. I could be sharing a bunk bed with my younger sister at the age of 24. But I’m not. And even though the things I have aren’t the nicest, they are still there. I think I need to try and remember that more often!